U.S. immigration law allows you to ask for waivers of certain violations of law so that you can become a green card holder.  These waivers, also known as “pardons,” are done at various stages of a case.    Your waiver application is crucial for the success of your immigration goal and must be done correctly. You may need a waiver to remove conditions on your green card, for unlawful presence, or J-1 visa.

It is important that you seek the help of an experienced immigration lawyer that understands the law and how to make strong arguments on your behalf. Our immigration attorneys have a strong background in litigation defense thus increasing your chances of success and peace of mind.  We encourage you to call us today and speak with us about your immigration case. Our attorneys can work with you from the beginning of your case until you get your case approved.  We also speak English, Spanish and Portuguese and can work with you in your language of choice.

Immigration Waivers

J1 Visa Waiver

Removal of Conditions Waiver

If you have questions about family-based visas and the green card process, contact our office today. You will speak with an experienced immigration lawyer that can help you. We speak English, Spanish and Portuguese.